All of the movies listed above are considered contemporary classics from the 1980s for different reasons. One commonality between the three is that they all raised the bar in their respective movie genres. Martin Scorcese directs a movie that really makes the viewer feel for Robert De Niro, the rampid boxer, and captures the struggles a boxer can go through during his career. The gritty and rough scenery that Brian De Palma creates, combined with the stellar performance from Al Pacino, makes Scarface one of the most memorable films of the 1980s. And lastly, The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hughes, ventures into the mind of highschool students, something that had not been created and not replicated even today, in the movie industry.

Camera Angles: Bird's Eye View, High View, Neutral View, Low View, Worm's Eye View, Oblique/Canted
Camera Shot Lengths: Long Shot, Full Shot, Medium Shot, Close-up

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5 websites I like:

- I like the layout of the website
- Very easy to access any video you have an interest in
- Allows users to make an account and save your favourite videos
- TV companies have their own accounts where they post their own videos
- Relatively fast
- Allows users to post their own videos
- Search engine is very efficient and easy to use
- Very large variety of videos
- Includes HD videos
- Open to post questions on most videos posted

- extremely fast search engine
- the most efficient search engine on the planet
- has links to nearly every single website on the internet
- intelligent key word search bar
- shows the most searched key words and tries to predict what one will search
- plain design makes for easy access
- amazing map where you can find directions, street views around the world
- has the largest variety of photographs on the internet
- available in any language
- google translate is an above average translator

- every user makes their own account
- allows users to easily post pictures and videos
- users are able to tag their added friends
- very efficient web design, easy access to all the features
- lets each user make profiles where they can update with anything they'd like
- very visible text on the website
- privacy settings are very secure
- connected with many popular sites such as instagram and youtube
- allows people to comment on any post, pictures, links, and videos
- overall professional website

- live updates of nhl games
- shows the stats of every single player to play in the nhl
- shows press conferences, highlights and interviews
- very fast
- visible text with easy to access links
- very on point with statistics updates on every player
- lots of contests for users of the site to use
- has interactive polls for fans to vote
- gamecenter is available and lets people watch live games streaming from their computer
- professional layout

- every user makes an account
- allows people to post anything they'd like on their page
- users can follow other users and be updated with their posts
- many celebrities have twitter
- following certain people will inform you of information you are interested in
- very simplistic design
- posts update immediately
- allows users to post pictures as well
- effiecient web design
- users can access on any mobile device
- allows users to change their username

April 23rd, 2012

Website Architecture - Website architecture is very similar to architecture itself. It involves techinical, asthetic and functional criteria. In order to have successful business architecture, the creater must develop a plan which lays out the content that is going to be included in the website, along with having a very organized layout.
Here is an example of a chart which lays out some of the architecture of a particular website:

Here is an example of a possible layout to a website.

Website Navigation - Website navigation refers to how a user can navigate your website through links and photographs. The navigation layout should be included as a part of your website architecture plan. Good websites have a very 'user-friendly' interface with easy access to links and photographs so the user can navigate through your website effortlessly. In my opinion, website navigation is the 'make or break' when it comes to web design. Here is an example of a very familiar and popular website, Youtube, which has phenominal website navigation:

Information Heirarchy - Also known as the "DIKW Heirarchy", Information heirarchy refers to the relationship between data, information, knowledge, wisdom (DIKW) to create a design, not necessarily for a website. This is an important concept because, in order to create an informative website with legitamate facts, which is not redundant or boring, one must refer to the information heirarchy. For a more descriptive explination go to:

- HTML Site
-save document as index.htm
- insert table icon on the right
- edit tables
- insert header image (drag and drop)
- put in info on the tables
- paste codes in code view setting
- save documents frequently