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Social Impact of Photography:

Can a photograph have such power as to change the course history?

In the last one hundred years or so, with the rise of mass media, images especially photographic images have had the power to bring about tremendous social change.

THis period...
1. Choose 2 photographs from 100 Photographs that Changed the World You may choose other historically/socially significant photos if you wish.
2. In the discussion area below state which two photographs your working on why (choose photos NOT chosen by anybody else).
3. On your personal wikipage (the one you used for your photography/video research topics) insert a line to divide the page and the 2 images you've chosen to work on. Comment on the photo, the era, circumstances of the photo and discuss HOW the image made an impact on people (society, history?, people's thoughts/ideas/beliefs... etc). In other words, consider and discuss the ways the photo changed the world. WHAT did viewers respond to in the photo?

All writing must be in your OWN words. Use citations/references.

Consider the following:

Story - All photographs tell the viewer something about what is happening in the world around them and that great photos enable a viewer to feel what is happening and have an emotional response to the image. The old proverb says a picture is worth 1000 words, this is a great opportunity to discuss how that applies to the concept of story in photos.

Audience - Photos that are meant to elicit a response from the audience. Discuss with students how well composed photos would mean different things to different genres of people: age, sex, gender, ethnicity, and beliefs.

Message - The message of an image is what the photographer is trying to convey in terms of intended outcome, such as anti-war, propaganda, a warning to others, etc.

Style - How the image is composed? is he/she attempting to stop action, or show movement? Is the image in color/black and white. Like music and other artists, photographers have their own unique style.

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Level 0-1 - Incomplete

Level 2 - Answers approach expectations: answers are beginning to show thought and consideration

Level 3 - Meeting Expectations: Good and detailed understanding of text/images are reflected in the answers; answers show thought and consideration

Level 4 - Beyond Expectations/Very Good/Excellenct: Works shows careful and thoughtful reading: answers show thought and careful consideration; student makes connections beyond scope of the text/images;