Hello class of TGJ4M, this is Alex's test page.
I sit beside Poornima and Nicole if you do not know where I am located.
walrus was here :B

Here's a link to Wikipedia: Derp

And click here to look at my favourite singer!

In case you don't want to click, here's a photo of her:
external image LIGHTS_II.jpg

And in CASE you don't want to look at that picture for some reason, here's a video!

How to add a slideshow from Flickr to Wikispaces:

1. Go to Flickr.com
2. Search for something you would like to look for. (eg. Summer)
3. Click Slideshow in the View options
4. Click Share on the top right
5. Copy the Grab Embed to HTML
6. Use it as a widget!

How to add a Google Calendar widget to Wikispaces:

NOTE: For old Google users, it may vary.

1. Click the gear on the top right once you are at the Google Calendar page here: http://calendar.google.com
2. Choose 'Calendar Settings.'
3. Click the 'Calendars' tab, then select the calendar you would like to share.
4. Copy the 'Embed This Calendar' text on the right, and then paste the code into your widget addition.
4a. You may customize your calendar in the same page as the widget text.